pregnancy, exercise, laptop

pregnancy, exercise, laptop

Training during pregnancy


Should you exercise while pregnant?

How much is enough or what's too much?

What can you do and what can't you?

From a coach who has coached many clients successfully through pregnancy.

Here's everything you need to know about exercising during pregnancy!

For most future moms exercise is a great idea. It’s something that I’d encourage you to do to benefit you and the baby.

But still, it is important to get the go ahead from your doctor.

When and if you get the go ahead from your doctor it’s not only safe, it’s recommended to exercise.

Benefits to exercising in pregnancy –

The stronger you are during your pregnancy the better you can adapt to the physical changes coming your way.

More strength and mobility is going to improve your ability to carry the baby around during and post pregnancy. (Lifting car seats, feeding, carrying the baby around).

And maintaining a good posture in pregnancy is also important for your own health.

It can also -

  • Reduce constipation that often occurs during pregnancy.
  • Reduce levels of anxiety, depression and other negative emotions.
  • Potentially increase your baby’s cognition and intelligence.
  • Reduce risk of baby being born pre-term and overall health of the new-born.
  • Increase chances of the baby being born within expected weight range.
  • Reduces the likelihood of gestational diabetes.
  • Along with being less likely to need a caesarean section or operative vaginal delivery.

yoga, home workout, pregnant lady

What exercise is ok?

  • Strength training (with notes below). ✅
  • Yoga (with adaptions) but NOT hot yoga. ✅
  • Pilates (with adaptions). ✅
  • Boxing (pad work and boxing bag). ✅
  • Walking. ✅
  • Cycling (in later trimesters indoor cycling like spin classes). ✅
  • Swimming. ✅

Exercise NOT to do

  • Running.
  • Jumping exercises (burpees, jump squats, box jumps, most plyometric moves).
  • Sports that have a high risk of you falling over. Or are high impact (kickboxing, football, basketball) any risk of you being hit.
  • High altitude training.

Strength training tips

Strength training can be weights or even body weight to resistance bands.

Most exercises you can do, so I will note the things you should avoid.

Exercises to avoid

  • Any exercises with a bar/weight on your back. Like barbell squats. ❌

Alternative - Kettlebell goblet squats are great. ✅

  • Crunch variations especially in the later trimesters. ❌
  • Avoid weighted sit ups and abdominal rotations after 12 weeks. ❌

Alternative - But you can still train your core with planks and other moves. ✅

  • Chest press moves (the later in your pregnancy you are the more vertical you want to press weights) ❌

Alternative - Military press over your head is fine. ✅

Lift lighter weights with more reps to make you feel more confident and comfortable during this time.

"UK Government guidelines advise 150 minutes a week of exercise during pregnancy!"

This can also vary depending on where you’re starting from.

If you do a certain type of exercise before being pregnant most likely it will be useful for you to continue doing it during pregnancy.

You just want to reduce jumping and fast movements!

Tell your coach or personal trainer that you are pregnant!

  • This will help them create a plan that is tailor made for your needs.
  • You will then have a further peace of mind that what you are doing is helping you and is safe.
  • They will also be checking in on you to see what needs adjusting for you through the trimesters.

The same goes if you go to general fitness classes.

Your instructor should know if they need to make adjustments for you.

Whether that is Yoga, Bootcamps, Pilates etc.

Staying fit in each trimester.

First trimester

Exercise might be the last thing on your mind in this period. You are likely to feel nauseous and tired.

Your blood pressure will have decreased which means you’ll feel light headed at times.

Your heart will be pumping more blood around your body which leads to a faster heart rate.

I’d encourage you to be kind and patient with yourself if you don’t feel ready to exercise at this point. A lot of changes are taking place for you so it might take time for you to process everything.

You may want to stick with short walks, stretching and see how you feel as the weeks go by.

Second trimester

At this point hopefully you’ll be feeling less sickness.

Most of the pregnant clients I’ve helped started working with me at this point.

Because of the increased energy levels, you may like the sound of starting some exercise too.

I highly recommend yoga, strength training, swimming, cycling and walking.

All of these are going to make you feel better during pregnancy.

Being outdoors, feeling strong, releasing stress and helping with your sleep.

There's so much to gain from this.

Third trimester -

Having a growing bump can make exercise awkward and the extra weight might feel exhausting.

Be gentle with yourself and focus on what you CAN do not what you can't.

Remember the goal isn’t to be pushing yourself, its to keep yourself active, healthy and giving yourself an outlet during pregnancy.

Swimming is great at this point, lowering the weights you use at home or the gym, walking and maybe just lowering the intensity of workouts with more rest if you need to.

I hope this article was helpful and if you want 1-2-1 help.

I’d love to talk to you about what you’d like to get out of exercising during pregnancy.

Also feel free to share it with a friend who it could help 😊

Send me a message by clicking here.


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