home workout, exercise

Why you NEED to train from home!

home workout, exercise

Too often we have a fixed idea of what we need to do to get what we want.

"I want this body, but I want to achieve it in this way…"

There’s a problem with this.

You’ve made it 10x harder to achieve your goal because you’ve limited the avenues to get yourself to your goal.

Less avenues : Less flexibility.

If you said: "I want to achieve my dream body in the way that is going to make it as easy as possible and serve my lifestyle best."

You have more flexibility and more tools to help you get what you want. ✅

The thing about this second statement is it increases your potential of getting what you want MASSIVELY.

"Because everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face with life."

We can hope for best case scenarios but it doesn't mean they'll always happen.

So if they don't happen you need an easy way to keep going.

When I say easier I mean:

  • It’s easier for you to stay consistent.
  • It’s more enjoyable.
  • There’s less sacrifices you have to make.

This is why 99% of you need to start training from home too!

home workout, exercise

I have many phone calls with new clients and potential clients and many of the people I speak to believe you have to exercise at a gym.

Or in person with a Personal trainer.

And of course, there’s nothing wrong with either of the above!

But if you don’t leave space for time effective exercise.

Things you can do when you can’t get to the gym.

Or you don’t have a babysitter.

You have lost before you’ve began!!

This is why I coach the way I do…

How do you coach Brenton?

Good question!

I do train clients in person, but I also help them get more and more confident at:

Training at the gym on their own.

Training at home.

Shorter more intense workouts.

As well as longer period ones.

It’s like saying I’m only going to get my protein from salmon whilst getting stronger.

Why do that to yourself?

You’re only adding more stress, awkwardness to the process.

And most importantly decreasing the likelihood of you hitting your goal.

home workout, exercise

So workout from home 1-2 times a week, as well as your running or gym workouts with your PT.

These are complimenting the other things you are doing.

Increasing your consistency.

And building your confidence to train alone.

Whether it’s a bodyweight workout.

A kettlebell workout.

Or just a pair of dumbbells.

It’s about progression not perfection.

The reason I'm so consistent is because of the home workouts I do that supplement the other forms of training.

If you want a coach to train you 1-2-1 but also help you learn to train from home.

Send me a message by clicking here.

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