Stop believing this about weight training.


There are many pre conceived ideas people have about weight training/resistance training.

But Brenton...

"I want to lose body fat first before I try that"

"I don't want to get big and bulky lifting weights"

"I don't want to get injured lifting weights"

"I think I'm too old to be lifting weights"

All four of these are inaccurate statements that are holding you back from achieving your goals.

Whether you are young, old, male or female.

If you are aiming for fat loss to building muscle.

Or trying to improve your running, cycling or any cardio performance.

Weight training will help you massively in all areas!

It's not just for bodybuilders or the worlds strongest man!

It's for every day people who want to look better, feel better and add years to their lives.

Let's start with "The fear of getting injured"...

Many people think that lifting weights will increase your likelihood to get injured...

What actually usually causes most injuries?

  1. Poor posture.

2. Poor mobility.

3. Weak bones, joints, tendons and ligaments.

4. Weak muscle groups that need compensating for with other muscle groups.

Lifting weights correctly, helps with all of the above. ⬆️

When we get older we lose muscle and our bones become more brittle.

The best natural way to retain muscle, improve your strength and bone density is to lift weights.

Have you noticed that many athletes (boxers, basketballers, runners, footballers and so on) all use resistance training to improve their performance at their sport?

As well as doing what they actually do (run, box or sport specific drills).

20-30 years ago top athlete coaches were very sceptical of weight training and it's benefits to certain sports.

I've spoken to many runners or cyclists who still shy away from weight training, based on the belief that it will be counterproductive to their goals.

This contradicts the latest evidence that nearly all professional athletes use in their training routine.

Weight training will help you improve your balance, strength, power, core stability in all the sports you enjoy.

In my other article "The weight loss myths that ruin results" I covered the importance of weight training for fat loss.

So if that is something you are curious about head over to that article.

The final thing I want to make clear is that nobody accidentally gets big and bulky lifting weights.

When I say accidentally I mean, it takes lots of hard work, discipline and purpose. With the consistent intention through your diet, sleep and training to building muscle.

It's actually harder to build muscle than it is to lose body fat.

Lifting weights alone is no where near enough, for you to get big shoulders or 21 inch biceps.

Where as lifting weights for the general population is highly beneficial, not just for vanity and toning your body but the many anti-ageing benefits it offers.

From your hormones, your metabolism, to your posture, physiology and psychology.

Usually the actual concern behind the statements I have mentioned at the beginning of this article is:

"I just don't want to lift weights incorrectly, because I don't want to hurt myself, embarrass myself or waste my time and not get results."

And this is when getting a 1-2-1 coach will benefit you for the long term.

Because it's a skill you will have under your belt for the rest of your life.

Let me know if you'd like my help!



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