When it comes to losing weight the first thing most people do is cut their carbohydrate intake.

No more cereal, no more bread and definitely no more pasta.

They reduce their sugar intake too because we are repeatedly told, that's what's bad for you.

There's lots of diets and information that support this approach.

But I want you to consider a few things before you choose to do this again...

There are 3 big parts to everyone's diet.

Protein, fats and carbohydrates. They are called "Macros". Everything else is a micronutrient.

9 times out of 10, most people I meet and work with on their diet, neglect their protein intake.

Their diet is predominantly fats and carbs which means they are lacking enough protein to recover quicker, boost their metabolism, reduce their appetite, perform better and so on.

Here's the important part: Carbs aren't the problem. It's a lack of protein that is.

In an ideal world the ratio would be something like, 33% Protein 33% Fats 33% Carbohydrates.

This does vary for each individual.

But because you've not been getting enough protein, you have been on a treadmill of needing more and more carbs and sugar.

That's what happens when you don't get enough protein.

Here's some signs you don't get enough protein:


  1. You are often hungry after meals.
  2. Your energy is like a rollercoaster with highs and lows.
  3. Frequently getting injured due to weak muscles, bones and joints.
  4. A bigger appetite and cravings leading to a higher calorie intake.

Where as if you have all three macros in your diet, not just 10% protein.

You will naturally eat less carbs than before, be less hungry than before and have more energy than before. (Which will then make you WANT to exercise and move more)

The important thing to remember is, demonising carbs and sugar isn't helpful.

They are a necessary part of your diet!

They help you sleep better.

They help fuel you for workouts.

They also taste great.

And if you demonise them, you create an unhealthy, emotional relationship with food that leads to binge eating and judging yourself for enjoying food.

A healthy relationship with food, is when you know how to use all food groups to serve you and your goals. Without guilt, shame or punishment.

It's the same as having a healthy relationship with your emotions...

If you ban or refuse to allow yourself to feel certain emotions, it creates bigger problems.

Every time you feel that emotion you judge and berate yourself which spirals into even more "negative" emotions.

Where as if you see each emotion or "food craving" as feedback from your body that you are lacking something.

You can then give your body what it needs to move forward.

If you work with me, all food groups are necessary for you to have a long lasting healthy relationship with food.

This won't hinder your weight loss results in any way! In fact it will only enhance your progress.

Anything that demonises a food group is a fad.

If you want help creating a lasting change with your body, mind and diet.

I am your man.

Feel free to enquire about working with me. Thanks for reading 🙂


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