Friends, restaurant, eating out


Friends, restaurant, eating out

5 Tips to eat healthy on the move…

Everyone has a plan until someone you have kids and become a taxi driver.

Most clients I work with do great until they face socialising whilst keeping up the healthy eating.

These are the top 5 tips I use with my clients to help them enjoy their social life, stay on track and feel in control in the process.

Give them a try 😊

  1. Protein snacks.

The benefit of protein bars, shakes and yoghurts is that you can take them with you anywhere. The kid’s birthday party, the concert you have next week you name it.

Which means you can stay fuller for longer, you can have a snack between meals and enjoy it without the aftermath of guilt.

And a key benefit to protein is it keeps you fuller for longer!

  1. Eat before you leave.

When I know I am going to be out most of the day I always have a substantial meal before leaving the house.

Even if I’m not hungry.

What this does is it helps me make better decisions when I’m out later because I’m not starving.

If I don't eat before leaving, I know at some point the hunger will randomly kick in.

It’s like going food shopping hungry, you always buy more and spend a fortune.

So put yourself in a better position beforehand.

Have an omelette, a smoothie even something light is better than nothing at all.

Otherwise, you are putting yourself in a very difficult situation to stay disciplined.

  1. Where am I going…

Get an idea of where you are going and what you are going to have available.

If there’s no food at the 3-hour conference and then you are starving.

What’s the likelihood of you going into the McDonald’s drive through on the way home?

I’d put most my money on you getting a big mac.

Get an idea of where you are going?

What foods going to be available?

And do you need to take stuff to eat if the food isn’t in line with your goals?

  1. Am I thirsty or hungry?

Take a water bottle out with you so that you can stay hydrated because many times our body doesn't know the difference between hunger and thirst.

As well as this, being hydrated helps distribute nutrients around your body which will make you less hungry.

So, take water or drink a pint before leaving the house.

  1. Compromise don’t always sacrifice.

My final tip is you don’t always have to go without the alcohol or the takeout meal.

Why not have the slim line tonic or have the one beer instead of four.

Too much sacrifice makes you miserable and at some point, that misery turns to cravings.

I recommend clients to have 2-3 relaxed meals per week.

Why not schedule those meals around socialising so that you don’t have to use unnecessary will power on those days?

Sounds like an easier solution to me 😊

I hope this article helped and as always, drop me a message if you'd like my help in achieving your goals in a way that doesn't make you miserable.

Keep your social life. ✅

Make your health and fitness sustainable. ✅

Improve your mental health rather than adding more stress to it. ✅

Send me a message by clicking here. 🙋🏾‍♂️


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