Most of us know what we need to do more of in life.

But that’s not the problem, the problem is doing it consistently.

For some reason there's a gap between what we say we are going to do and what we do.

Snacking of an evening.

Scrolling social media.

You name it, it’s a habit.

As animals we are wired to repeat patterns/habits that are comfortable, but more importantly familiar.

Familiarity means safety and survival to us deep down.

Hence why it’s hard to start new habits and break old ones we don’t want.

The longer we fall short of creating new habits that we want, it can often lead to a lack of self-belief and confidence.

And the longer that sets into your mind.

You start to convince yourself that not being able to create a certain habit, is just a part of your identity.

“I’m just that type of person.” “I’m not the disciplined type” "I'm not good enough for X".

These kinds of beliefs are dangerous because we end up defending and fighting for beliefs that we “identify” with.

We defend them because we are in theory defending ourselves.

Your consistent habits = Your Identity.

So, you really don’t want to identify with something that IS NOT helping you get what you want!

The opposite is the secret to success!

Certain people stay fit and healthy all year round because their healthy habits are a part of their identity.

"I'm a runner"

"I always make time for me and my health"

"No matter what happens I always bounce back".

These beliefs are like self fulfilling prophecy's.

It’s part of who they are, they don’t need discipline or motivation.

Some people feel more uncomfortable NOT doing the habit like exercise, than putting it off.

Knowing how to build and break habits is the be all and end all of change.👌🏾

And you can do this too!

I’m going to show you how to do it correctly.

Brute force and discipline won’t do it alone ❌

In the great book Atomic habits, It teaches you how to implement habits simply and effectively which has helped many of my clients get great results.

1. Start small.

2. Make it obvious.

3. Create a positive association with it.

Starting small - You don’t want to throw yourself in the deep end with a new habit. As it will create resistance within you to go against doing it.

So don’t start with a 40-minute run every day of the week. Start with 2-3 runs for 15 minutes minimum for example.

This is way less intimidating and sustainable. And when this works for you and you build the momentum that you need.

Then you should increase the endurance and intensity in a few weeks time.

Make it obvious – Making a habit obvious means to set up your environment, to remind you to do that habit at that specific time. (Leaving your trainers by the front door for when you get home from work).

On top of that you want to use your environment to make starting easier.

Set up your gym equipment for the morning so that you can step straight into the workout when you start.

Environment is massive when it comes to habit building. This also includes the people you are around most often.

They also impact the habits you choose daily.

Hang around 5 smokers, you'll most likely become the 6th one.

Set up your environment to remind you of what you need to do!

Positive association - This is extremely important!

Associating what you do with a reward, dopamine or gratification is going to entice you to keep doing it.

If you say to yourself after every workout, “I'm just not good enough at X” you are creating a painful association with exercise.

Which is a deterrent for you to continue.

Exercise = A reminder of how inadequate I am.

Instead say to yourself: What are 3 positives from today’s workout?


Reward yourself with the coffee that you like ONLY after workouts.

That’s a positive association with exercise.

Start small. - Make it obvious. - Create a positive association with it.

To break a habit, you want to replace a habit with something better.

For example: It’s more realistic to change the action of what you do when you are stressed or hungry.

Than to just say I'll stop being stressed or hungry.

This is where many people go wrong.

They say  “I'm just going to stop doing it”.

If it was that simple wouldn't you have done it already?

If you want to stop snacking on sweets at work.

Trade it for a soft drink or a more nutritious snack.

If you want to stop scrolling social media when you are feeling bored or anxious.

Swap it for going for a walk or journaling your uncertain thoughts right there on the spot.

You don't actually "break" habits, you replace them for things that serve your new goals!

Building habits requires making it as easy to start and as positive as possible.

If you want to exercise more, eat better and incorporate all the positive habits that come with fitness...

This is key!

If you want my help to make it easier and effective long term.

Send me a message and we will have a talk about your goals and what you’d need from me to achieve them 😊


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