Man, man exercising, outdoors

Man, man exercising, outdoors

Lose fat without losing muscle…

Losing fat whilst keeping muscle is like increasing your profits in business while trying to spend as little as possible.

It’s not impossible but it’s a fine art.

You’ve got to burn more calories (moving more and eating less), whilst giving your body a reason to believe it needs to keep the muscle.

Your body will  give up muscle if it thinks it doesn’t need it.

So, it will use muscle for energy UNLESS you use the muscle and fuel it.

How do we use and fuel muscle?


  1. By eating adequate calories.
  2. Adequate protein.
  3. Lifting weights, heavy and often enough.

👉🏾This is why 1,200 calorie diets are stupid.

Too little calories leave not enough calories for energy. Which you need to fuel workouts and day to day existence.

Not enough energy to workout and live means you’ll have more cravings for sugar, caffeine, and carbs.

Think about it... the less energy you have the less motivation you have.

The more energy you have the more you want to do things with that energy.

Calories are an investment in your body and goals!

Not enough protein means you won’t build or keep muscle.

Protein is the building blocks to muscle.

Eat more protein and it will help you eat less but it will also help you keep the muscle you’ve built.

The more muscle you have the faster your metabolism, so it’s a win win 😊

Just because you want to lose weight it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be lifting.

It doesn’t mean you can’t lift heavy.

For your body to keep muscle it needs to use muscle.

Resistance creates muscle.

So don’t ditch dumbbells for the treadmill.

You can always do both.

Both help with losing body fat.

So the final summary here today is...

The biggest difference between losing body fat and keeping muscle.


Building more muscle.

Is the quantity of food you eat.

Either way though you need:

Calories for energy. ✅

Protein for muscle and recovery. ✅

Weight training to stimulate muscle growth or maintenance. (Depending on how much food you eat) ✅

I hope this article simplified the goal of fat loss whilst keeping the muscle you’ve built along with it.

Send me a message if you’d like my help achieving this 😊



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