Stress is making you struggle with your weight!

Any time I’ve been really happy and present in my life I’ve not looked for distraction in the usual things.

Retail therapy.
Validation from others.

Have you ever thought the same for yourself?

The thing about stress is that it makes you do things, to distract yourself or compensate for the stress you’re going through every day.

A low level of anxiety.
Fear about the future.
Imposter syndrome.
Overthinking what others think of you.

All of these are exhausting!

And because you’re exhausted you have less energy and motivation to exercise, socialise, eat consciously, plan and so on.

It leads you to eating more carbs and sugar.

Carbs and sugar tell our pre-historic brains that things are going to be ok!

Carbs and sugars are both calorie dense foods which tells us subconsciously, things will be ok and we’ll survive the next couple weeks or months.

Distraction and comfort temporarily alleviates the stress we feel day to day.

But the problem is we become dependant on that source to relax and feel comfort.

Not only that, you need more of the source to get the same level of comfort.

1 new bag isn't enough anymore.

2 Glasses of wine doesn't have the same effect anymore.

Where as positive stress reliefs, actually spill over to your overall attitude after you've done the habit.

Meditating will make you calmer throughout the day.

Journaling will change your general perspective throughout the week.

And so on.

Here’s my uncommon belief:


“I don’t think losing weight will make you happy!”

I think being happier and stressing less will help you lose weight!

And most people don't approach it this way because they assume weight loss and exercise alone, should fix your stress.

This is where people exercise obsessively or count their calories meticulously to try and "fix" themselves...

So can you get fit whilst changing your relationship with stress?


This makes weight loss 10X easier.

Less food cravings in the process.
Better focus day to day.
A more positive outlook on life and everyday challenges.
A sense of control about what needs to be done and not worrying about the insignificant.

Does stressing less sound too good to be true?

Maybe so.

90% of our friends and family do the same as us, so it becomes normal.

But we all have a list of things we CAN control and other things we CAN’T.

The more we focus on what we CAN'T the more energy we waste and anxiety we build.

What’s in your control?

Your thoughts. - (Practice mindfulness to build awareness of your thoughts and triggers so you learn to detach from them)
Your beliefs. - (Journal about events you keep replaying and find out what they mean to you. So you can then change the narrative you are telling yourself.)
Your actions. - (Set yourself small daily targets to hold yourself accountable towards your goals. Without feeling overwhelmed and spreading yourself too thin)
Your attitude. - (Practice gratitude every day in the morning and before bed. This teaches you to see opportunities and solutions instead of problems and barriers)

The more you focus on these the more empowered you’ll feel and energy you’ll save,

Not only that, your energy will accumulate as time goes by!

I can tell you this confidently from first hand experience.

And I strongly believe these alone will make losing weight 50% easier.

Because as we’ve established,

Feeling stressed and out of control.

Causes you to do the things that are holding you back.

And I can’t tell you like every other coach to eat less and move more.

That's not just patronising it’s also irresponsible.

It’s my responsibility as a fitness professional to not only tell you what works, but eliminate the things that are holding you back.

If you'd like my help in making health and fitness applicable and achievable.

Drop me a message and we can talk about your goals more. 😊


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