I hope me and you can agree that everything we do comes down to our emotions and logic?

These dictate our decision making and what we prioritise daily.

We can kind of control our thinking but it’s a different story with feelings.

Feelings are more powerful and hard wired into our identity.

We crave motivation and inspiration so that we can feel like doing what we need to do.

I don't think discipline is enough on it's own.

If discipline was the answer, we’d all just do what we say we would… all the time.

Some people are financially disciplined but not health and fitness wise.

Some people are disciplined in all areas of their lives, except from in romantic relationships.

Why is this?

I believe it's because most of us have an emotional relationship with food, snacking and alcohol. Until we acknowledge this, weight loss will always be an uphill battle!

The point I’m making is ….

The toxic nature of fad diets is hoping for you to rely on discipline alone and to hopefully suppress your emotions..

“Don’t eat carbs, ever!”

“Stop eating those sins they're bad!”

And when this doesn’t work, what do you usually do?

Most people beat themselves up.

So then you might resort to punishing yourself.

But  you can’t eat minimal food forever, as you are human.

It always ends in tears!

Do you know anyone that’s done keto diet forever? Me neither.

Toxic means: It is unhealthy and counterproductive to the results you want. And it ends up hindering your relationship with the thing…

That's what fad diets do to you in your relationship with your body, food and exercise.

Here’s my argument why!

Fad diets usually consist of:

Banning food groups.

Big generalisations, along with hard and fast rules that don’t teach you what you need to learn.

Demonising things and idolising others to brainwash you to think there’s no other way for success.

And so much more…

Here’s where I come into the equation.

Bear with me…

A fad diet is like your toxic yet sexy ex partner.

They might be charming and sexy and maybe your friends are attracted to them too.

They sell you the dream of losing “2 stone in a week” or taking good care of you.

They have so much confidence and conviction in what they say, you’d feel like an idiot not giving it a try.

But that’s not the only problem, you keep going back for more.

Even when you know it can't work.

Why is this?

Is it because it’s all you know? Do you believe all men/women and diets are the same so you might as well make peace with what you have?

This is the main reason people keep going back to yo-yo diets!

Every time you are fed up you turn to back to that toxic relationship.

You feel great when it gives you what you want.

But like I said it always ends in tears…

And every time you go back your confidence is knocked more and more.

So now you've become sceptical of trying again because of your awful past experiences.

And then you come across me.

A nice guy.

I might not have a massive sexy banner saying “Lose 4 stone in a week”.

I might not be the loudest in the room.

But I do deliver. Consistently.

I stand the test of time and my results show that.

And now you are more mature, a man like me.... oops I mean.

A programme/lifestyle like my coaching offers, is exactly what you need.


Because you’re tired of the rollercoaster of losing weight and gaining weight.

You are fed up of dropping your friends and social life for the keto diet.

You want something that works and is good for you long term.

I’m the kind of guy you can bring home to your parents and they’d love me too.

Our relationship would consist of:




Not as sexy is it?

But it works!

This is what your parents have been telling you since forever.

Are you ready to listen? If you are fed up of the heart ache of yo yo dieting, you’re in the right place.

Let me know when you are ready for that change 😊


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