"I refuse to let dieting ruin my weekends Brenton!!"

I refuse to stop socialising ⁣❌

I work hard all week, so I’m not eating carrots and hummus all weekend.

A client told me this a few weeks back and I completely agreed.⁣

Life is about balance. ⁣

80% Healthy⁣ choices
20% Relaxed eating⁣

This way you get results.⁣

Making yourself miserable to lose weight is not a good trade off.⁣

What are you willing to trade to become…⁣

Fitter ⁣
Stronger ⁣
More energised ⁣

But if you become miserable and fed up with the process of getting fit, you’ve gone too far.⁣

These are the tips I have for you to enjoy weekends but not let weekends hinder your results:


1. Don’t have a treat on the Friday. Wait until Saturday evening or at some point Sunday. Letting your hair down too early on a weekend makes it extremely tempting to make the whole weekend a “Treat weekend”. Which can accumulate in a lot of calories.

2. Have a big breakfast on the days you are out the house all day. This makes it easier for you to make better choices whilst having all that extra time on your hands whilst you're out the house. I’m talking eggs, overnight oats, a breakfast smoothie whatever it is that works for you with plenty of protein.

3. Workout on the Saturday morning. The Sunday too would be a bonus. Working out first thing in the morning makes you feel accomplished and proud for the day. Most people want to eat more nourishing foods after working out. This will do wonders for your mindset over the weekend as the biggest obstacle for eating on the weekend is eating with no intention. Where as if you've worked out your intention is recovery food from the workout. 💪🏾

4. Take snacks wherever you go. Or if it's a quiet lazy weekend in the house, get some high protein snacks to eat if you get hungry or want to eat out of boredom. Yoghurt, protein bars or a meat based snack.

5. The 80 – 20 rule of dieting that I encourage proves that you can get great results by eating in a relaxed way 20% of the time.
That means out of 21 meals a week you can have 3-4 meals that are higher in calories or that you don’t track. But the main objective is to include some of the foods you've missed eating.

6. Plan before that meal or event what you are going to eat food wise, drinks too. So that you aren’t caught on the back foot, decide beforehand so that peer pressure doesn’t sway you out of control. Otherwise you will only learn to feel anxious on weekends and guilty in hindsight of them.

I hope these tips help you with weekends, they’ve helped many of my clients over the years.

If you’d like my help in putting them in place to get the results you want.

Feel free to leave me a message about your goals below 😊


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