If you knew you were guaranteed success, what would you do next?

Would you start to get fit?

Would you start that business idea?

9 times out of 10 you would choose something you've been putting off.

So what stops a lot of us committing to something that we say we want?

I believe it's a fear of failure.

A lack of self belief is also a by-product of this fear.

But here's the thing.

What makes something valuable, is that it isn't everywhere and not everyone has it.

Not everyone has a successful business.

Not everyone is in great physical shape.

So the solution to the fear of failure isn't hoping for your goal to be easy and accessible.

The hard work makes us appreciate the result more. ✅

We don't want to lower the bar to avoid failure.

We DO want to change your relationship with challenge so that the thought of failure doesn't paralyse you...

Do you focus more on NOT failing, than trying your best to succeed?

That takes up a lot of energy that could be used for focusing.

When you focus on the negative (fear).

It paralyses you.

You become very rigid in the process. Which stops you from being flexible and versatile to the challenges coming up.

Which is very necessary when losing weight!

You can never build momentum when you're rigid.

And that's what success is about.

Getting started is tough, but to keep going faster continuously requires momentum.

This is why you have to overcome the fear of failure!

In my 6 years as a coach I've noticed that most of us fear failure because of the embarrassment of what others will think if we do fail.

We don't want to be seen as weak, or that we are struggling.

For a lot of us that is embarrassing.

This fear held me back for years and I still have to stay conscious of it.

But we also focus on failure because we're not completely confident on if what we are doing is working.

But if you believed in your game plan, you would focus on the process.

To overcome this fear, I think you need a few things:

  1. To be around other people who are trying to get better too, which makes trying/failing and persevering normal.
  2. Someone to support us through the challenges, preferably someone who has achieved what you want.
  3. Someone that holds you accountable to the goals that you say you want. And holds you to those standards every day.
  4. Celebrate small wins in the process which help us acknowledge that we are progressing even on the days that you aren't as motivated.


You need to choose more carefully what you are scared of...

You can choose to be scared of failing in front of others.

Or you can choose to be scared of never feeling how you want to feel.

Never getting to celebrate the progress you want.

Never getting to do the things you want and wearing the clothes you love.

Because how you feel today will either get better or worse.

It won't stay the same.

It's never the case.

So how will you feel if your energy drops further? Along with your confidence and choices of things to do every day.

Just because you haven't noticed what direction you are going in today, it doesn't mean you aren't either getting better or worse.

Another way to beat the fear of failure is to extract the lessons in what went wrong last time.

People don't like to assess their previous decisions because it makes them beat themselves up.

But if you never get clear on why the last time didn't work, you will feel powerless in making a change this time.

This is why I have a 1-2-1 chat with every new client of mine.

To get super clear on what is going to make this time different.

Don't dwell on the past and what went wrong, but you do need to understand what doesn't work for you and why!

Send me a message if you want me to help you make fear of failure a thing of the past 💪🏾






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