Jake was my first ever Online client!...

But he did have a couple of concerns about starting the programme:

  1. How effective is Online Personal training for someone who is brand new to the gym and home workouts? 🤔⁣
  2. Will Brenton be able to cater to my unpredictable work/family routine? 🤔⁣
  3. Will this hold me accountable and keep me motivated enough to succeed? 🤔⁣

Well as seen in the transformation image it clearly worked👌🏾⁣

But the reasons are simple yet amazing.⁣

Training Jake online showed me just how flexible, yet accountable online coaching is.

One of the downfalls to face to face coaching, is that many people don’t learn how to train themselves and build awareness around habits outside of the 1-hour session.

Some people convince themselves that all the change happens within that 1 hour workout.

If weight loss was that easy it would just be, move more and eat less.

But that’s never been the case…

With online coaching it’s completely different:

We used this time working together to build key habits for Jake that made him more productive and save time.

We also built the habit of working out from home and at the gym so that he had multiple options to stay consistent.

Doing this helped us slowly build Jake's confidence in the gym which has definitely created a more positive relationship with exercise for him.

It also allowed him to understand his nutrition goals in a 𝐒𝐈𝐌𝐏𝐋𝐄 way, so that he could eat out and still enjoy food without a dessert of guilt and frustration.

Jake became motivated with his training and nutrition not only because he started to see quick results from his consistent work, but because he was learning why what he was doing was working.

Working with Jake really showed me, how to take my client results to the next level through my private coaching app.

Now in my coaching I focus on routines and lifestyle management more, so that working out and eating better becomes easier and easier to do.

You'll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.

John Maxwell.

For you to get the results you want to keep with health and fitness, you need:

Accountability so that it's harder for you to fail than to succeed.

Flexibility so that the programme fits around your life rather than you having to fit everything around it.

Training so that you not only get the results you want, but also learn how to execute every step correctly. Which allows you to move forward with confidence and conviction every step of the way.

Support so that whenever you have a question or concern, you have a coach in your pocket to support and guide you.

These are some of the benefits to Online coaching.

Would you like to see results like Jake's? Without having to constantly shift your diary around face to face sessions to make it work?

Send me a message and we can see if Online coaching is for you. 😊


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Online is a new incredible form of coaching which allows clients to stay consistent no matter where they go or where they live. This allows for more flexibility and support which is why the results from these programmes are phenomenal.

This form of coaching has all the benefits that Face to face training has (bespoke/ accountable/ motivating) and more.

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Personal training with me is giving you the clarity, understanding and proven formula to acheive the results you want.

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