The dos and don’ts of running!

Being "fit" is almost synonymous with running nowadays.

Most people’s idea of being energetic and healthy is them finishing a 5k, 10k or a half marathon.

There’s nothing wrong with this!

I cannot deny, the sense of accomplishment felt after finishing a half marathon or Sutton fun run is amazing.

But I do want to give you a clear idea of what comes part and parcel with running, especially if you are using it as a tool for fat loss.

Also, here’s some context around my relationship with running:

I do run around 1x per week. Along with weight training and circuit training.

I was a running group leader at a running club in Sutton Coldfield for 2 years.

Running has definitely contributed to me achieving my weight loss goals.

But I do not advise people to use running as a tool for weight loss if:

You are currently significantly overweight.

You don't actually enjoy running.

You don’t do any other form of strength training whether that’s lifting weights, body weight circuits or yoga.

You already have tight hips. Frequent knee problems/injuries the same goes with ankles. Or regular back pain.

This doesn’t mean NO FOREVER it means I don’t think it’s a good place for you TO START.

The reason for this is, running is a very high impact sport. Specifically on your hips, knees and ankles.

Not only that, the further you run the more you reinforce that impact.

That along with fragile knees, hips and ankles is a recipe for injury.

Not only that if you are overweight that’s extra pressure on those joints.

And finally if you have a poor posture day to day. And then you go for a run and you’re getting tired, you will be running with worse and worse posture as you go, which is another invite to injuries.


Here’s what I invite you to do to get the most out of running. And to give yourself the opportunity to keep it up for the long term.

  1. Build strength: If you build the muscles around your whole body (especially your core, bum and legs.) This will not only improve how far and fast you can run. But also, de-load the pressure on your knees, ankles and hips when running.


  1. Improve mobility: The better mobility and flexibility that you have the more muscle groups you can include in your running stride. Yes, some people have muscles that are so tight, that they are shut off most of the time. Not only that the better posture you run with the less injuries you will have and the better your running performance will be.


  1. Lose weight: And finally losing weight before you start running will take weight off the joints I mentioned above. And there are better ways for beginners to lose weight instead of running.


Yes, that might be cycling, rowing or the cross trainer as they are low impact. But also, weight training as that is the best tool for weight loss and will also cross over to your cardio performance

In my experience as a coach at the running club I mentioned earlier on, I saw so many newbies start the running group with the intention of weight loss.

But many were disappointed by the problems that being overweight or having bad knees along with starting running brings.

At the running club we decided to create a strength and conditioning class to help new members overcome this common barrier.

Which definitely helped with their performance and reducing injuries!

But I do think it’s very important to ask yourself.

Do you want to run because you think you’ll enjoy it? Or do you want to run because you think it equates to losing weight?

If it’s the latter, I invite you to reconsider which way you choose to approach weight loss as running is not the only way.

Or even the most effective.

I hope you’ve taken some value from this article and how to approach running if you plan on doing so.

It’s not that I think running is a waste of time or bad for you.

It is about context and knowing yourself and your body.

Thanks for reading 😊

I would be happy to help you with your running journey if that’s something you’re planning to do!


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