Holiday, summer holidays, weight loss, sunshine

Holiday, summer holidays, weight loss, sunshine

One of the benefits to holidays aside from:

👉🏾Eating your bodyweight in ice cream when you’re there.

👉🏾Getting drunk at the airport.

Is that it gives us an extra splurge of motivation to get fit and healthy for it. ✅

We become motivated by the thoughts of.

Feeling good in swim gear.

Not worrying about what clothes you can and can’t wear.

All the holiday pics you will or won’t take depending on how you feel about yourself.

Now is the perfect time to start thinking about it. 👌🏾

You might be going away in June, July or August.

I don’t discriminate May holiday goers. I just haven’t received an email from you yet about what you want to achieve so I can help you. 🤷🏾‍♂️

But back to the June, July and August gang.

You have the perfect amount of time to make a change without doing anything stupid like…

Eating 800 calories a day.

Buying detox drinks in the hope to lose 3lbs a week.

You can be a sane person and lose weight!

Enjoy food and mix up your exercise routine and still lose weight.

Here’s a couple tips that will help.

Because you already have a goal with a date and an outcome that you can visualise in your head. (Feeling good and confident in your holiday gear).

  1. I’d encourage you to buy a piece of clothing you’d like to fit in by your holiday. But buy it today!

This way you don’t focus on the scales instead you focus on how your body is changing to fit into what you want. Try this top or dress on each week in the build up to your holiday to see how you are doing.

  1. I’d encourage you to commit to a plan of action.

It doesn’t have to be strict. But it does need some bear minimums like.

Minimum workouts per week.

Minimum steps per week as well as maximum target steps per week.

You now have wiggle room as well as accountability.

  1. You need someone on board with you to hold you to your goal.

This could be the person you are going away with who is hopefully motivated?

It could also be a coach.

But the principle is in making it harder for you to quit, than to keep pushing towards your goal.

  1. Plan your fun in the process.

Often times we plan the work we need to do but not the down time or fun.

Why is that important?

Because if you force yourself to have time away from “dieting” each week.

Or a day of no exercise.

You give your brain a mental break from constantly asking yourself am I doing enough for my goal.

And when you get back to work and working out, you come back refreshed. Motivated and with a new perspective.

So I’d say have:

At least 1 rest day per week.

At least 1 meal that is just something you enjoy per week.

At least one social outing with your partner or friends per week.

This won’t ruin your results it will enhance them.

It will give you a mental break from being disciplined and thinking about your goals.

If you would like help in striking that balance for yourself, this is something I can help with.

I’d love to hear from you before your holiday.



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