Holistic approach, health coaching

Holistic approach, health coaching

Does fat loss HAVE to be holistic?

Can you lose weight without the fluff?

The fluff of learning, lifestyle management, counting calories and everything else.

Can you just move more and eat less? Lose weight, end of story…

That would be lovely.

Here’s what else would be lovely…

I’d just get a pay rise.

Find a partner and live happily ever after with no arguments.

Have top notch mental health with no challenges.

This is when the fitness industry tells you what you want to hear.

Instead of the truth…

What’s the truth?

Fitness, health and fat loss is holistic.

Holistic meaning, your fitness results are connected to your life.



Mental health.


“What’s all that got to do with you Brenton?”

Well if I don’t help you create a lifestyle with being healthy that COMPLIMENTS your mental health, work lifestyle etc.

You will never achieve what you want.

You will ALWAYS:

Be unmotivated.

Be finding excuses.

Be low on energy.

And worst of all.

Starting from scratch all the time.

I wrote an article last year about stress management.

And the solution to exercising more with more enjoyment and eating better without hating your life is,

Reducing your day to day stress that is usually compensated for in different ways.

Comfort eating.




Unhealthy relationships.

Which then adds more stress to your life.

Because you haven’t solved the original problem and you’ve also created new ones too.

Like poor sleep, negative relationships, gaining weight, less and less energy etc.

So the holistic approach is the only choice!

What does that look like?

Exercising effectively to save time.

Eating in a way that is flexibly effective to reduce stress about getting it right.

Improving your mindset to think more positively.

Making you more present so you can get to sleep easier and also be present at work and with the kids.

This is the long way of me explaining WHY I don’t just help you lose weight.

Because that’s what I learnt the hard way when first trying to lose weight.

I learnt that my weight gain was a by-product of a few other things.

Poor sleep.

Inability to handle stress.

Low confidence.

Are you ready to stop treating weight loss like it’s a lonely island?

Because it isn’t.

Feel free to send me a message to find out how I’ll help you change your mind, body and energy. 😊


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