Wim Hoff has taken the world by storm recently.

His documentary blew my mind last weekend!

Wim Hoff if you don’t know, helps people heal trauma through controlled stress.

Controlled stress who wants that 🫤

Cold water, exercise, heights, breath work and other fear facing.

But many celebrities are advocating his methods!

The cold water exposure specifically.

Joe Wickes, Russel Brand, Oprah Winfrey, David Beckham and many more.

The reason I love Wim and his show on BBC is because he has decided to turn his pain into purpose.

This all started for him when his wife jumped off a building and died which was an extremely traumatizing experience for him and his family.

But he decided to to lean into this experience so that he could move forward with purpose.

Which is now to serve people worldwide in helping them face their trauma so that it no longer defines them.

“When we deny our stories, they define us. When we own our stories, we get to write the ending.” Brene Brown

Unfortunately fear, trauma and poor mental health can become extremely difficult to deal with.

Sometimes to the point where we want to completely give up.

His quote is “If you don’t move towards fear, fear will move towards you”.

Which makes fear bigger and you smaller.

When I started facing some of my fears through fitness, I felt bigger, and my fears became smaller.

They didn’t disappear completely but my relationship with them changed.

I no longer was defined by my failures and negative thoughts.

I didn’t need fear to leave for me to act. I got better at acting with fear in the room.

Things that were defining me were the past, uncertainty and what other people thought of me.

Every day that I started moving towards the new challenges, towards possible failure which is a big fear for me.

I started believing in myself more than I believed in the fear.

Because I defined the fear.

I made my fear mean that I was building courage and taking charge of my life.

That’s how it works.

The fear of the unknown doesn’t go away.

Instead you learn to trust and believe in yourself in dealing with the unknown.

And that feeling becomes addictive.

You become excited about-facing fears because you know that when you do, you tap into more strength, energy and life inside of you.

In this documentary Wim helps multiple celebrities face physical fears like heights and swimming under water.

And these achievements aren’t just physical milestones for the celebs.

They are also emotional and mental milestones that they breakthrough.

So any fear or doubt that me or you have, naturally translates to other parts of our life.

When we lose that weight that we never thought we could.

Or push through that mental block that we never imagined.

It opens your minds to what else we are capable of.

Which is exciting.

My fear that I am facing right now is swimming in a triathlon I’m doing in August.

It’s open water swimming which I haven’t done before.

And I’m not used to swimming with my head under water.

And it feels great every time I push through fear and realise that I am bigger than my fears.

And every time I don't let that fearful voice define me it gets smaller and smaller like background noise.

What fears are you facing currently?

And if you aren’t, which fear could you do with minimizing so that you'd feel more alive?


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