Man spinning plates

Man spinning plates

4 Ways to spin the plates of family and fitness!!

Many of my clients have kids, partners, jobs, and other responsibilities.

I’ve spoken many times about seeing your values (fitness, family, finances, mental health) as things that should be supporting one another.

NOT working against each other.

When the things you want are in conflict it leaves us overwhelmed and frustrated.

And this is when procrastination on doing anything can start.

Instead I'm going to help you make the things you value compliment each other.

Today I want to give you 5 ways to help your health and family co-exist.

Let’s go!!

  1. Exercise with the kids.

Your kids have plenty of energy.

If you want them to focus better at school and also give you some rest bite in the evening.

Exercise with them.

Tire them out.

They need to use their energy and you need exercise to give you more.

That's a win win situation ✅

This is time with the family and you improving your fitness.

Riding bikes, walks, badminton, PT sessions you name it.

Get creative.

This also gets rid of the guilt of going straight from work to the gym without seeing the kids yet.

What a wonderful way to bond too. 😊

  1. Exercise in front of the kids.

When you are at home with the kids why can’t you be exercising in the living room while they are watching TV?

Them just knowing what you are doing with your spare time is impacting what's normal to them.

Kids watch what you do more than listen to what you say.

We drive like our parents after years of subconsciously watching the patterns of  their behaviour in the car.

Whether that’s road rage, multi-tasking or speeding.

This applies to how you value yourself and your body.

How you eat.

How you show up for you and your health.

Isn't that perfect accountability 👌🏾

So, show your kids that you value your health and looking after yourself so that this becomes a norm for them growing up.

Then they won’t have to force it to become a habit when they become adults like some of us have to.

  1. Ask your family to support you.

If your partner or kids aren’t in the place where they value fitness for themselves yet that’s fine and normal.

If you push it on them it actually has the opposite affect we'd want.

Instead let them know how much you value their support by asking for help.

We all like to be valued.

So let them know that by asking them to hold you accountable.

Or ask them if they can help cook a home cooked meal a week.

Often times out of frustration we criticise our partners or families lack of support to our goals.

In an attempt to guilt them into change.

Or just poor communication.

This never works.

Do the opposite.

Let them know how much you value their input and perspective by asking for their support.

Whether that’s motivation/food preparation or accountability.

This way you are on the same team.

They feel valued.

You have support.

Which we all need!


  1. Learn to cook and move together.

New experiences and challenges with loved ones builds a deeper level to a relationship.

Being swept up in the day to day of life sometimes makes us forget to pause and take in quality time with loved ones.

Starting something new is great for this.

When we are beginners we have to be 10x more mindful of what we are doing to progress.

So why not learn something new with your partner, to reignite your bond if you feel it might have been lost in the school runs and repetition of life.

Learn new recipes together, get out of your comfort zone together, learn a new type of exercise TOGETHER.

The dynamic where both parties are in the learning process at the same time is pretty unique.

Often it’s one person teaching the other.

But the great thing about both of you being newbies together is that you can relate to the newness and challenges together.

That's called connection 👌🏾

Make getting fit a team effort!

This becomes a constant reminder of why we are doing what we are doing.

It's not just about what you want, it's also about what your training partner wants too ✅

Which is more motivation and accountability.

We can never have too much of that😊

Ok maybe there's too much accountability.

And some fitness people can be annoyingly positive and motivated.

But you get my point!

I would be happy to help you and your partner or friend achieve your goals together.

Send me a message directly, if this could help motivate you and get you to your goals quicker.


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