I have been training with Hamiltonfit and Brenton for just over 6 weeks now and the program set has changed my perception on how to motivate myself and hold myself accountable for my own physical and mental journey. As someone who has trained since the age of 18 (now 28) I have gone through ups and down in motivation. My goals have changed repeatedly which has always managed to give me a short term boost when it comes to motivation. The problem is I have never developed a mindset that has provided me with stability and my discipline as a result has fluctuated over the years. Training with Hamiltonfit however has changed this because I have been working with a coach who has been able to take me back to basics, address my concerns and provide me with the tools to become my own driving force. I now feel as though I am much more organised as a person and that counts for everything from nutrition and planning workouts to setting small goals for each day and larger goals to be achieved over greater periods of time. I have learnt to stop thinking I can’t do certain things and am now accepting that with time, effort and discipline I WILL be able to achieve my goals. For example when I started this programme I struggled to run more than 2 miles without feeling fatigued, out of breath and disinterested.as I continue to callous my body and mind. I would recommend HamiltonFit to anyone and everyone. If you are like me and you need a change of perspective to enable you to become your own motivating factor then the take that shot in the dark and sign up. I would also say this would be beneficial to anyone from experienced gym goers to beginners as the app it couples up with is easy to use and allows you to move workouts around to best suit you. Looking forward to my final 6 weeks of training and I can’t wait to carry my momentum back into the gym when it opens up!