In only seven weeks I have lost 4kg
I feel great and I look incredible, I have never felt as good about my all-round self in my life.
My mental health is phenomenal
Most importantly I have my confidence and self-belief back.

I was sceptical at first about a few things.
1. the commitment to having a PT when my free time is minimal, as where I work has varied hours and also having a young family and
finding that equal work life balance is always tough.
2. I work away quite often, if I commit to a PT how do I complete workouts if I can’t access a gym?
3. Another thing I wasn't sure about was how effective an online PT could be, I always thought I needed someone there to walk me through every exercise and motivate me with every rep.
4. Is it value for money?

After 7 weeks in I can say:

1. Brenton works around you; he sets your workouts to days where you have more free time. The workouts set aren't long they are highly efficient, you maximise your workouts in a shorter time frame.

2. When I work away, I ring Brenton and explain that I will be away for a couple of days, within a short period of time my sessions are changed and he creates a workout that I can do anywhere with no equipment needed. These are quick and really effective.

3. I speak to Brenton every few days on the phone and most days by message, we talk about my workouts, how they are going what I have struggled with etc. Brenton updates my workouts on the app. The app has clear instructions for each exercise and a video demonstration to help with your technique. If I struggle with an exercise, I can record myself send him the video and he can give me feedback. We have a couple of skype calls for a more in-depth conversation every now and again.

4. Is it value for money? 100% no other answer. I have a flexible detailed workout plan that is specific to my needs, I complete them whenever I need to do them, I have meal plans that are enjoyable substantial, easy to follow and quick to prep. How I now feel physically and mentally it has been the best money I have ever spent with the results to prove it.

I now look forward to going to the gym. I get excited for my workouts and pushing myself even more.
It’s the perfect way for me to de stress from work and zone out from everything.
It has helped me so much, my back pain has pretty much gone, my anxieties with exercise and the gym have gone. My relationship has benefitted.
I cannot recommend Brenton enough, he is phenomenal, he will transform your life not just your body.